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Steel Ground Roller with Brackets

Manufacturer: Manufacturer

Steel Ground Rollers with Brackets
Pin Has Grease Fitting
Custom Made Sizes Available

Part No: R-3720-1
(8" D x 6" L) · Actual: 8-1/2" D  x 6" L

Part No: R-3720-2
(8" D x 10" L) · Actual: 8-1/2" D  x 10" L

Part No: R-3720-0
(10" D x 8" L) · Actual:  10-3/4" D  x 8" L

Part No: R-3720-10
(6-1/2" D  x 6" L)

Part No: R-3720-11
(6-1/2" D  x 9" L)

Part No: R-3720-7
(6" D  x 12" L)

Part No: R-3720-8
(10-3/4" D  x 12" L)

Part No: R-3720-12
(8" D  x 8" L) · Actual: 8-1/2" D  x 8" L

Part No: R-3720-13
(8" D  x 4" L) · Actual: 8-1/2" D  x 4" L

Part No: R-3720-14
(6-1/2" D  x 4" L)


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