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Virtuemart Extensions

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Whether for mining, agricultural, industrial, construction, waste disposal, or oil field equipment, Permco has quality, high-pressure hydraulic gear pumps and motors, flow dividers, intensifiers and accessories for your needs.

Permco\'s innovations include the development with the Torrington Company of the controlled-stress roller bearing, which increases pump and motor life by up to 30%.

Hydraulic Pumps and Motors Permco\'s 3000, 5000 and 7500 roller bearing series of pumps and motors have been tried and tested for years under all variety of applications.  These series of pumps and motors are offered in full range of displacements from 1 in 3 to more than 12 in 3, in a multitube of constructions from standard units to OEM versions.

Made for dump truck and dump trailer applications, the DM400 dump pump is built with a cast iron design and needle roller bearings for durable service.  Its available in direct-mount or remote-mount configurations.

Versa Pak Permco\'s Versa Pak front-mount pumps are designed for use in the refuse industry.  The Versa Pak unloading system limits flow to the system while in use.  The Versa Pak dry valve system permits hydraulic operation while the vehicle is in motion; it uses less fuel when off and emits less heat when on.  Equipped with Permco\'s controlled-stress roller bearings, Versa Pak pumps give 30% longer life.  They\'re sealed to keep out contaminants; their dowel pins protect against pressure spikes

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Permco PLS-Live Pack Pumps

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Permco P7500 and P7600

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Permco P5000 and P5100 Pumps

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Permco P360 Pump

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Permco P2100 and P3000 Pump

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Permco Heavy Duty Pump for Live Floors & Dump Trailers

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P7500 | Permco Versa-Pak Pumps and Valves

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P-PMLSMK | Re-Man Kits for PLS-Live Pack Pumps

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Lil Tipper Valve for Dump Pumps & Walking Floor

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H-219-1738 and H-219-1748 | Replacement Heil Pumps

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