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PER-D6405 | Perkins Rotary E-Tuck TuckAway Lifter

Manufacturer: Manufacturer

Perkins E-Tuck TuckAway Cart Lifter with BreakAway
Part No: PER-D6405

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• TuckAway Cart Lifter has cart-grabbing action that lifts cart on uneven terrain and varying heights
• This unit can recess under the hopper, and when combined with a sill extension modification kit
your rear loader can operate both commercial and residential routes
• Fully-compatible with trucks equipped with a tipper-bar/kick bar
• Powerful 27K rotary actuator for smooth and dependable lifting action
• Self-resetting BreakAway feature reduces damage to the actuator in the event of a collision or bottom-out
• The shape of the lifter adapts to your truck-has adaptable feature
• Simple operation and construction
• Greaseless bearings reduce maintenance costs
• Loading Height: 35" - 42"
• Mounts 35"-42"

FYI-Information About Adaptable Dumpers
(The Adaptable Dumper)
You can adjust the side arm so it wont hit under the truck, but when you do this it brings the
face flat out more when the cart dumper is down or not being used!
Can be mounted as Tuck-Away or Straight Up and Down for Hoppers with Light Panels That May Hit

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